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DigiPlan is a systematic approach to ICT planning and development. It helps you to deliver your whole school vision and achieve your goals, providing an effective approach to ICT project management. It is designed to:

  • Put the creative use of technology at the core of the curriculum;
  • Raise standards;
  • Build in sustainability;
  • Realise cost benefits;
  • Improve learning;
  • Keep you ahead of the game in relation to technology.

DigiPlan Outcomes

  • A full analysis of staff skills and CPD requirements.
  • An understanding of stakeholders experiences of using ICT.
  • A detailed report and Action Plan providing clear direction for the Academic year ahead.
  • If required a completed NAACE Self Review Framework (optionally leading to the ICT mark).
  • A clear strategy for on-going developments.

DigiPlan Process
The DigiPlan process follows a clear set of steps that gathers information from all users, analyses the results and delivers an action plan which is then tracked and monitored.

Audit Staff and Students

An annual online overview of staff skills and recommended training plan.
An annual online survey of student experiences of using ICT in the classroom and recommended Action Plan.

Survey Stakeholders

Triangulation: Interviews with enthusiastic & reluctant users of ICT, Students, Data Manager and other key stakeholders.

Apply Strategic Analysis (incl SRF)

If required a NAACE Self Review Framework (SRF) can be completed by representatives from the Senior Leadership team with Civica Support and Guidance.

Produce Report
A detailed report and analysis providing a clear direction for the following year.

Present Action Plan
An action plan presented to the SLT with recommendations and proposed outcomes.

Monitor and Track
Monthly monitoring of the action plan and additional support and guidance as required.

The Strategic Report and Action Plan will provide a clear picture of ICT adoption to the Leadership team and be used to help target resources and plan CPD. It will include analysis of, and proposed actions around the following:

 1. The Leadership and management of ICT
2. The strategic planning of ICT
3. How learning takes place and is supported using ICT
4. How ICT is used to support assessment
5. The ICT professional development needs of staff
6. The ICT equipment and resources required to deliver the school vision

DigiPlan Team
As part of the DigiPlan, each school will be allocated an E Learning Consultant. As fellow teachers and educators, we will work closely alongside your school or academy to find creative ways to embed the vision for technology in the life of the school.

What is the benefit of DigiPlan?

  • Project Management and Proactive monitoring of your ICT vision
  • Keeping ahead of the game in relation to technology
  • An extra member of the school team for a fraction of the cost
  • Improved classroom practice leading to improved learner outcomes
  • Access to NAACE Self Review Framework online tool
  • Access to online courses
  • CPD opportunities and resources
  • Free place at the NAACE Annual Conference

 If you have any questions regarding the DigiPlan, please contact us at