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​DigiBase subscribers can order the DigiPlan from the online DigiStore.  If you have any questions regarding the DigiPlan or would like more information about purchasing credits to use in the DigiStore contact us at




Advancing learning and teaching through effective ICT planning


Used appropriately, technology can:

  • Improve student engagement
  • Raise standards and improve learning
  • Realise cost benefits and streamline administrative functions
  • Teach appropriate technology skills required in the workplace
  • Support teaching staff to collaborate and share on teaching resources
  • Enhance communication between school, teachers, students and staff

Civica's DigiPlan is a strategic planning tool to maximise the use of ICT in your school. A dedicated E Learning Consultant (all ex teachers) will work with you and your stakeholders to understand where you are today.

By identifying the challenges you need to overcome, the DigiPlan then produces a very practical list of actions that your school can take to make better use of your available ICT to make an impact on learning outcomes, school management and budget management.

Your ELC will then support the implementation of this action plan and monitor the effectiveness to ensure that your school really feels the impact.

Civica is a Naacemark Service Provider (NMSP) for IT and Learning; qualified to guide schools through the Naace Self-review Framework.





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