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Who are we?


The eLearning Team is made up of former teachers with a range of subject specialist knowledge, experiences and a passion for developing learning who are experts in supporting schools, academies and Local Authorities in the use of technology.  We have a wealth of experience in supporting schools to use Office 365 and SharePoint technology to enable effective and engaging learning  – using blogs and wikis, collaborating on projects, creating and sharing videos to name but a few.

  • Classroom practitioners - A passionate team of educators with a range of curriculum specific skills
  • Curators who can research and recommend quick win solutions and practical strategies
  • Change Management experts – experienced in leading schools and teachers through change

We aim to support:

  • Teachers to educate children to live, work & learn successfully in a technology-rich culture
  • Students to use IT for independent, resilient and playful learning
  • School Leaders to embed IT more effectively & creatively across the curriculum


What do we do?


  • Offer a systematic approach to ICT Planning & Development-through our DigiPlan
  • Offer flexible IT based solutions to schools’ requirements through our DigiPacks

We want to provide you with not only a range of resources and suggestions to support your school in transforming the way in which you use technology and develop your eLearning practice.

We also support schools’ administration and management teams and processes- whether you want to create a bespoke booking system, automate the options process, or systemise and share lesson observations, we can help you to do this.

We have a full programme of support to get you up and running with our Office 365 based learning platform CloudBase, or on any existing SharePoint or Office 365 setup. Using a personlised online training programme, staff and students will become capable users and learn about how CloudBase can positively impact on teaching and learning as well as the operation of the school. We also offer ongoing support to ensure that your learning platform gets fully embedded into the life of the school and continues to meet the changing needs of schools in a changing world.

A post on the Microsoft UK Schools Blog looking at one of the schools which we have worked with can be viewed here.



Our Education Conference


We are very proud of this annual event and pleased to receive such positive feedback. A review written by Gerald Haigh for the Microsoft UK Schools blog can be viewed here.

Embracing risk to enchance teaching and learning: Guest speaker Ollie Bray's keynote speech.



Maximising on Office 365 in the classroom: Paul Hart and Brendan Murphy from Civica talk through how to get the most out of Office 365 in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning and engage students. A post which follows up this session on the Microsoft UK Schools Blog can be viewed here.



Working with Office 365


Our CloudBase platform is a suite of core Microsoft products that are delivered to schools through the Microsoft Office 365 platform.  These products combined with Civica's planning, training and support packages allow schools to create an online environment to support students, staff, parents, governors and other key stakeholders.  One of the core advantages of this platform is the flexibility it provides and we have seen a lot of success with schools using the platform in a wide range of scenarios.  Many are using it to enhance learning for students, others focusing on saving staff time through automated workflows and some even working with us to recreate portions of their Management Information Systems that just didn't fit their needs!

As a result of this work we were delighted to be invited to Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 to share our experiences of how we configure and customise Office 365 for schools, and specifically how we integrate data. Schools are increasingly data rich and we have listened to their requirements and heard that what they want is simplicity of input and meaningfulness of output. Teachers need to be able to use data as they see fit, to track student progress and plan interventions; Parents need to be able to access data in a format that is easy to understand, free of jargon and enabling engagement; most importantly students need to be able to use data to take control of their own learning. We are finding that Office 365 ticks many of these boxes and will continue to work with schools to develop our services and support in this field.

Civica have had great support from Microsoft with respect to our work on Office 365 in schools. The WWPS Education Vice President at Microsoft, Anthony Salcito, provided a fabulous testimonial:

"At Microsoft, we are committed to supporting a community of partners who share a similar passion for making a difference in students' lives.  Civica has developed one of the most comprehensive Office 365 based solutions for schools and in doing so has demonstrated a unique and powerful understanding of education and how delivering school insights drives educational outcomes"




Our YouTube channel includes video testimonials about the work which we have done with schools.