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​Getting started with O365

Please use your Online Training pack for further instructions on Outlook, Contacts, OneDrive and the Learning Platform. 

Download printable guides here:

Getting started with O365
Getting started with email

How do I log onto my computer?

You use the same username and password as the one you usually use to log on to your computer. 

How do I get to my email?

1.  Click on Internet Explorer   Ie.pngand type in one of the following URLs:   or

This will take you to a log in page. 

2.   Log in using the same username and password as you use to log onto your computer.  If you are unable to log on with this username and password please change your password. 

3.  Re-set password by pressing the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys at the same time. 




4. Then click on Change a password.

Change password.png
 Your new password must have:
                                                       Eight characters or more
                                                        A number
                                                        A capital letter




Online training pack

 For personalised online training on all aspects of Office 365, once you have signed onto Office 365, as shown above,  please click on  the squares symbol in the top left-hand corner of the screen, then Sites,


then YourSchool Cloudbase, then Online Training.




Where is the email tab?

When you have logged in successfully, click on the squares symbol in top left-hand corner of screen, then Outlook button below.

newtop bar.png 

The first time you do this, you will see this screen (below).  Please select Language: English (United Kingdom) and Time zone: Edinburgh, Lisbon, Dublin from the drop down menus and then Save.  It will take a minute or two to set up your email inbox.  For more email help and information, click here

setting up email settings.PNG 


What is my new email address?

You will be given your new email address in your school.


What is my new email password?

Your email password will be the same as the password you use to log onto your computer in school. However if you change your computer password, it may take up to 3 hours for those changes to be replicated to the Microsoft servers that hold your email account.


Where have my old emails gone?

Your old emails are still available from the email tab on the old school MLE (  They will be available there for a few weeks.  If you need any of your old emails in your new account simply forward them to the new account as you would normally forward an email.

It is advisable to go into your old email and set up an Out-of-Office message which advises people not to use your old email address e.g and to use your new email address, for example

You could also set up a forwarding rule so that any emails which do get sent to your old email address will automatically forward into your new email inbox – click here for further instructions.


Can I transfer my old emails, contacts etc to my new email account?

If you want to transfer ALL your old emails into your new email account you will need to follow the separate instructions by clicking here.
If there are just a few emails you wish to forward, just go into your old email account and forward each one individually in the usual way.


Where have my old calendars and distribution lists gone?

You will need to set up your calendar and distribution lists again in your new email account, using your contacts’ new email accounts.  Separate instructions are available in the Online Training Pack on the Sites tab (once you have logged on using the URL above) or click here


How do I get to the new Learning Platform to upload work?

If you are in Office 365 and accessing your emails via the Outlook tab, click on the squares symbol in top left-hand corner of screen, then Sites button,


then [Your name] School Cloudbase.  After that click on Learning and then your subject link to upload work for students, or Staff to upload info for staff.



How do I get more help with email, Office365, OneDrive, the Learning Platform etc?

There are several ways to get further help:

1.  The online training pack on your Learning platform.  Simply click on Sites, your school Cloudbase button (as above) and then the button for Online Training.  This site will deliver individualised, online training, depending on your needs or level of confidence.  It can be done at your own convenience, whenever and wherever you are.

online training.jpg 

2.  You can contact your Civica e-learning consultant (ELC) for face-to-face training.  Just give us a date and time which will suit you.

Holy Trinity:


Kirk Balk:

3.  You can follow the links from this page to some preliminary help with email.